Annuity Awareness Month celebrates over $2 Trillion of assets that Americans have protected in one of the most secure financial instruments in the nation.

Attention Annuity Advisors: Join the Annuity Awareness movement and help us spread the word.

The Annuity Awareness Association (AAA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping Americans protect and save for retirement using one of the safest financial instruments available today. AAA’s sole purpose is to educate consumers on the safety and versatility that annuities have provided millions of Americans for generations.

To educate the public, AAA will employ a wide range of communication and outreach efforts, such as consumer — media outreach, consumer education, videos and social media. As part of our outreach, we are the official sponsor of Annuity Awareness Month which will conduct educational programs and workshops nationwide.

The Annuity Awareness Association is currently seeking strategic partnerships and contributing board members. For more information, call 866.707.6786 or send an email.